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Sight machine

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As soon as it gets dark, the eye of the S-Class sedan comes to life. The full-LED headlamps go into fully automatic action and reaction, illuminating with Precision the areas where they’re needed, exactly when they’re needed. You can even opt to take the shine off oncoming traffic if you want to avoid dazzling them. This gives you optimum vision in practically every driving situation and above all, a good feeling about where you’re headed.


LED Intelligent Light System

The LED High Performance headlamps adapt the light distribution according to the driving conditions and thereby make an important contribution to safe driving. One highlight is the Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus. The system provides automatic highbeam control with gentle transitions and adaptive headlamp range adjustment for lowbeam light.


The well-proven SPLITVIEW system for the driver and front passenger has been retained. The COMAND Online system forms a mixed image from two separate display images (e.g. TV and navigation). This is then separated in the high-resolution central display by means of prisms, enabling different screen content to be shown for the driver and front passenger depending on the viewing angle.


Uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor the area behind the vehicle. To prevent rear-end collision, the hazard warning lights flash at a fast, urgent rate to warn the driver behind.



Keep your hands free for the important things in life. To unlock the doors or start the engine, a driver only needs to have the KEYLESS-GO key with integral chip on his person. To start the engine, he merely needs to press the start/stop button. In addition, he can open and close the boot lid by pressing the key's remote control buttons. HANDS-FREE ACCESS is a further convenience function. With a kicking motion beneath the rear bumper, the boot lid can be automatically opened and closed.

Parking Package with 360 camera

The Parking package assists the driver when parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces. It ensures that all four sides of the vehicle are monitored for easier assessment of the situation when manoeuvring.

Burmester Sound Systems

With Front bass and up to 24 loudspeakers

The innovative Front bass system developed by Mercedes-Benz and used for the first time in a saloon car is a feature common to all the audio systems. As alternatives to the standard sound system with ten loudspeakers, two very high-quality audio systems are available which were developed together with the high-end audio specialist Burmester: Burmester® Surround Sound system and Burmester® High-End 3D‑Surround Sound system. The 3D system impresses with visual effects as two tweets in the mirror triangle and three overhead speakers.