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Ensuring a Safe Khareef Season For Drivers Mercedes-Benz Oman Offers Complimentary Safety Check in Salalah

Khareef Saftey CheckSalalah – Ensuring its customers keep safe this Khareef season, Mercedes-Benz Oman is excited to bring back its annual ‘Khareef Safety Check’.  Available from 16th July to 15th September 2019, drivers can enjoy a complimentary safety inspection of their cars and SUVs at the Mercedes-Benz Service Center in Salalah. The check includes vehicles’ braking systems, exterior lights and car battery, including battery starting. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz expert technicians also will examine the condition of wiper blades with windscreen washer nozzle adjustment, together with fluid levels of engine oil, coolant, braking system, and windscreen washer systems. Tyres and wheels comprising of the spare tyre and  pressure adjustment will also be checked. For additional comfort, customers can also enjoy a mini valet with vehicle wash and polish. Pioneers in road safety, drivers can rest assure that with Mercedes-Benz Oman , safety always has a home.  

 “Engineered with luxury, comfort and safety in mind, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the epitome of perfection. In order to keep vehicles performing the way they were designed, we encourage routine check-ups including our latest complimentary offer, our ‘Khareef Safety Check’,” said Lawrence Good, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Oman. “Part of our continuing efforts to ensure our customers enjoy “The best or nothing”, we hope this thorough check will help keep drivers and their families safe this summer season.”

Getting drivers and their vehicles ready for the popular summer season, the Khareef Safety Check consists of an inspection of the vehicles braking systems, exterior lights, car battery, including battery starting together with the condition of the wiper, inclusive of the windscreen washer nozzle adjustment. Highly trained technicians will be on hand to inspect the fluid levels including engine oil, coolant, braking system as well as the windscreen washer system. The complimentary offer also comprises of an inspection of all tyres and wheels, including a spare tyre check, tyre pressure adjustment, and mini valet with vehicle wash and polish. Available for Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs only at the Mercedes-Benz Service Center in Salalah, this offer runs from the 16th July to the 15th September 2019.

To find out more about the ‘Khareef Safety Check’ visit the Mercedes-Benz Service Centers in Salalah, call 80079777 or email [email protected] to book your appointment today.