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Mercedes-Benz Oman Focuses on Customers with Our Passion Program

Nov06-Passion Program

Continuing its ongoing commitment to customer service, Mercedes-Benz Oman has brought together more than 100 of its employees for its specialised ‘Our Passion – Best Customer Experience’ program in Muscat last week. Taking place over four days, this internal platform further invests in ‘Customer Orientation’ training for all customer facing employees. The ‘Our Passion’ program is part of a broader company objective to provide the best customer and employee experience in the region to ensure it maintains its position as the market leader.

“The Mercedes-Benz promise of ‘the Best or Nothing’ is at the centre of all we do. In the last year, we have continued to operate in a challenging economic climate and I firmly believe that this is not the time to reduce investment in employee development and customer centric initiatives. More now than ever, we must continue to refine our customer service standards by training and engaging our employees who play a key role in the customers’ journey and in achieving our success in the future,” said Lawrence Good, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Oman.

Speaking at the event, Good emphasised the importance of employee satisfaction when it comes to delivering an enhanced customer experience. He added: “I have witnessed first-hand an enormous improvement companywide in customer service and customer experience over the last twelve months. This has been the result of implementing multiple customer centric initiatives and the hard work and dedication of a team who continue to strive towards improving operational processes, customer handling skills and communication. Our product and brand remains the best in the market; however, we must never be complacent and must always put our customers first.”

Mercedes-Benz Oman had conducted “Our Passion” offsite on October 23rd – 26th. The aim of the program was to engage and motivate 100 employees because they play an equally decisive role as the product itself in the brand’s success. Participants were engaged with the growth objectives of the business and were shown the alignment between company performance and customer satisfaction.