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The state-of-the-art car for stylish urban living

04April-05 The state-of-the-art car for stylish urban living

The new Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a vehicle without compare – elegant, agile, powerful, luxurious and multi-functional. Maximising driving dynamics and supreme comfort, the V-Class is a state-of-the-art vehicle that is perfect for today’s lifestyle needs – from driving VIP guests to red-carpet events to shopping sprees, to being the ideal state-of-the-art family car for stylish urban commuting and leisure travel. This outstanding example of ‘The Best or Nothing’ from Mercedes-Benz is now available starting from just OMR 26,150 for the 250 AVG/E model and can be experienced firsthand at the Oman Avenues Mall from 7-16 April.

With a host of technological innovations and pioneering features, the V-Class has created a class of its own. With room for up to seven people, the vehicle combines exemplary functionality with the high-class appeal, efficient driving pleasure and a five star safety rating that distinguish automobiles bearing the three-pointed star. Offered in two variants - Avantgarde and GCC package– the V-Class is the perfect vehicle for those who appreciate spaciousness, but do not want to sacrifice style and comfort.

For the first time in this segment, Mercedes-Benz is offering the AMG Line equipment package, enabling the MPV to be individualised to suit any taste and requirement. As a result, it meets a wide variety of customer needs and is just as attractive for families as it is for people who need a variable and spacious interior for their leisure and sports activities. Even more than that, it is ideally suited to use as a luxurious VIP or hotel shuttle.

"The V-Class offers so much more than has ever been available in the market. Not only does it excel in terms of the functionality expected of an MPV,  but the levels of comfort,  high-class design, technological innovation and versatility in this model put the V-Class in a pioneering position for the segment," said Roland Schneider President and CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA. "Whether for families or corporate use, this is a perfect vehicle for anyone who appreciates travelling in style – understandably it has been well received in this region.”

Emotional, dynamic appearance – size in a new guise

A real eye-catcher, whether you’re out and about with the kids or travelling in style. It is the quality of the design that has led to the V-Class being honoured with the Red Dot Award. Sensuous, dynamic lines, intelligently applied advanced technology and high class appeal add up to make it an MPV for today - a persuasive blend of elegance and sportiness. Available with two different wheelbases with a difference of 23 cm between them, the V-Class suits any space requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – exemplary safety

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is our vision of accident free and ever more comfortable driving. We develop intelligent technologies that actively support drivers, making life at the wheel noticeably easier. Innovations such as the optional DISTRONIC PLUS, the LED Intelligent Light System, the optional COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST or the two optional Parking packages with Active Parking Assist and reversing camera, also play their part in ensuring that you and your passengers can safely enjoy every kilometre that you travel.

The PRE-SAFE® system, familiar from the passenger car models, is available as an optional extra to further enhance safety. When an accident threatens, it initiates protective measures to ensure that the belts and airbags offer optimum protection during a collision.

New standard of agility and driving pleasure

To enhance personal driving pleasure, the V-Class is the only vehicle in its segment to offer the AGILITY SELECT function in conjunction with the automatic transmission. At the push of a button the driver can select from four driving modes: economical, comfortable, sporty and manual. Engine, accelerator and transmission response are then adapted accordingly.

Modern style and high-class appeal

The interior of the V-Class is a completely new MPV experience, and not only because it is pleasantly quiet. High-quality materials with a pleasant touch and feel and harmonious colour concepts, intricate details as well as a progressive and sensuous design idiom convey outstanding high-class appeal in the segment – and that hallmark "welcome home" feeling typical of Mercedes-Benz cars. Fine nappa leather is also available for the seats, steering wheel and shift lever. This inviting atmosphere is rounded off by subtle ambient lighting in three colours.

A new dimension in comfort

The V-Class also sets new standards in comfort and variability with a host of innovations. The Mercedes-Benz MPV is the only vehicle in the segment to offer optional 4-way lumbar support and active seat ventilation with reversing fans to ensure a consistent relative humidity at the contact area with the leather seat for driver and front passenger. Also unique in this class of vehicles is the enhanced THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system, which is available in addition to the standard-fit TEMPMATIC system. It has various ventilation modes to offer individual climate control. The FOCUS, MEDIUM and DIFFUSE climate modes have distinct settings for air flow and distribution. Even for hot climate regions, V-Class climate control system ensures pleasant temperatures both in the front and in the rear part of the vehicle due to its ehanced cooling capacity. With new optional extras like air-conditioned front and rear seats, large panoramic roof, iPad holders in rear and LED-illuminated thermo cup holders and the large centre console with integral cooler compartment, the V-Class makes all its passengers feel as comfortable as in their living rooms.

Numerous seating and loading configurations

The seating in the rear allows numerous configurations to meet any requirements. As standard, the MPV is equipped with four individual luxury seats with armrests in two seat rows. Thanks to improved technology and operating logic, they can be folded forward intuitively to afford fast and easy access to the rear. As an option, a folding table can be installed between the single seats.

As an alternative to the individual seats, a two-passenger bench seat with two-piece, individually folding backrest, or a three-passenger bench seat with two-piece seat cushion and three-piece backrest is available for both rear rows. The outer right-hand seat of the three-seater bench can be folded forward or taken out separately. The entire bench can be folded forward to create space for large items, such as sports equipment or newly purchased furniture. Like the individual seats, all bench seats are fitted with integral three-point seat belts.