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Mercedes-Benz Oman Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle with ‘Our Passion’ Employee Sports Day

04Apr-04 Mercedes-Benz Oman Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Muscat – Mercedes-Benz Oman staff members came together to take part in its recently held Staff Sports Day at the Bousher Rugby Ground. A component of the leading brand’s ‘Our Passion’ platform, the day promoted the health benefits of an active lifestyle amongst its employees through a series of cricket, football, touch rugby, and team building activities under the watchful eye of expert sports trainers and coaches.

“Recognising that our highly skilled and dedicated team is the engine of our outstanding and on-going success, the ‘Our Passion’ platform ensures they have the best job satisfaction, in the best workplace, with the best development and career opportunities,” said Mercedes-Benz Oman CEO Clive Hammond.

He explained that all aspects of ‘Our Passion’ are driven by values of teamwork, keeping our promises, and treating one another with care and respect. “With a team building and health focus, the annual Sports Day is an extremely popular component of “Our Passion platform” and was once again a great success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the excellent Muscat Rugby Football Club, of whom Mercedes-Benz Oman is the proud official sponsor, for their logistic and operational support and the part they played in making the day so very memorable.”

Other recent ‘Our Passion’ activities include the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Oman Training Foundation Programme, focused on the development of the basic skill-sets of employees, such as communication and customer service skills. Also part of the platform are the Moukafa’ah Programme, recognising employees who have delivered outstanding customer service or quality, and the ‘Race Through the Desert’ Teambuilding Challenge. Mercedes-Benz Oman has also conducted a series of ‘Value Workshops’ engaging its diverse team in co-creating a winning formula for the company and implemented an internal ‘Our Passion’ newsletter to engage with employees and keep them up-to-date on the company’s activities and achievements, as well as recognize and celebrate the outstanding Mercedes-Benz Oman team.

The Mercedes-Benz philosophy of The Best or Nothing underpins all aspects of its operations including its standard setting customer service experience, servicing, maintenance and repairs and is expressed in the perfection and fascination of its engineering, design, innovation, and technology.