"Grow up." – stories of a new generation

Mercedes-Benz compact car campaign

Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East is taking a new and attention-grabbing approach to its communications with the launch of "Grow up." – a regional interpretation of Mercedes-Benz’s global campaign for its compact car family. The global "Grow up." campaign, launched in March of this year, is the most extensive content creation in the history of the brand and addresses attitudes towards a new generation of young grown-ups. On a regional level, the digitally-led campaign features stories of a new generation of people who are redefining adulthood in the Middle East – many of whom are caught between the freedom of adolescence and the responsibilities of adulthood. Launching in August across the region, the stories embody the attitude and spirit of the Mercedes-Benz range of compact cars.

“The ‘Grow up.' campaign marks a progressive step for the Mercedes-Benz brand and one that inspires and engages on a new level. It is a rethinking of how we approach a generation carving its own path in life – socially, professionally and personally – and provides exceptional context for our range of compact cars as their ideal choice. This fresh approach is an evolution from traditional product-focused communication to lifestyle-focused communication, where people and their unique stories will take center-stage. We are hoping that regionalising the campaign will enable audiences across the Middle East to relate to and be inspired by these unique stories,” said Lennart Mueller-Teut, Head of Marketing & Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East.

Three journeys, three unforgettable stories

The digitally-led campaign "Grow up." addresses real moments and conflicts faced by today’s generation. The tailored storytelling content reinterprets traditional norms and expectations of adulthood, offering a refreshingly alternative perspective. The regional campaign hub invites users to explore the whole world of "Grow up." – including both regional and global campaigns, with the former personalizing three models of the compact car family in short films.

The A-Class story ‘Grow up. Spend time with family.’

Balancing family duty and personal happiness, the story follows a local skateboarder who explores the complex dynamic of leading a non-conformist lifestyle and living in the moment, while struggling to meet expectations set by his family.

The GLA story ‘Grow up. Take a weekend trip.’

Duties of work and family responsibilities can be a heavy burden to bear. The video follows the journey of a man who takes a weekend trip for self-reflection and a new-found peace of mind.

The CLA story ‘Grow up. Work hard.’

A creative young Arab female artist chases the recognition she deserves, yet struggles to receive it from those who are closest to her.

Innovative campaign mechanics

Just as innovative as the content and its visual realisation are the mechanics of the campaign. All content will be played on relevant digital platforms to generate traffic to the campaign hub. The films and accompanying imagery will also intentionally play with contradictions and contrasts. For example, ‘Grow up. Spend Time Family.’ features a skateboarder offering his friend a bite of his shawarma.

Mercedes-Benz global ‘Grow up.’ campaign

The global "Grow up." campaign, launched in March this year, addresses attitudes towards a new generation of young grown-ups and features US rapper A$AP Rocky. Other characters in the films include the actress Lucy Walters, the actress and producer Julia Morrison, the actress and director Anna Zahn, as well as the actor John Rue of "House of Cards" fame. The films are directed by the award-winning Swedish director Gustav Johansson, and present images with a young, authentic look.

To find out more and view the films of a new generation, visit:

A-Class. Grow up. Spend time with family.

GLA. Grow up. Take a weekend trip.

Coupé. Grow up. Work hard.



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