<p>Forms of nature</p>

Forms of nature

How it all begins: with a design idiom that leaves you speechless. We are enthralled by the typical proportions of a large, sporty coupé. And the long bonnet with powerdomes, the elegant roof line and the frameless side windows. But we wanted more. A technology leader, a new symbol for modern luxury.

Anthracite Blue




Cavansite Blue


Diamond Silver


Emerald Green


Iridium Silver


Magnetite Black


Obsidian Black


Palladium Silver


Ruby Black

The storm has passed. The thunder remains.

The storm has passed. The thunder remains.

Luxury coupé or sports car? Never have the boundaries been so dynamically fluid. They merge into an extraordinary ensemble at the rear. The frameless rear window and the elaborately modelled chrome trim exude a subtle elegance. Luxuriously sporty touches are added by the wide, muscular shoulders, the dynamically shaped wrap- around tail lights and the diffuser painted in high-gloss black.

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For “standard” read “high-end”.

The interior of the S-Class Coupé excites with a sporty, luxurious design idiom, high-quality materials, the finest workmanship and lavish details. The sculptured shape of the dashboard is accentuated with large areas of wood trim, which sweep across from door to door. The innovative display unit for the instrument cluster and head unit appears to float above this area, an effect which is further highlighted by the surrounding ambient lighting.

Nobody knows more about stars.

Nobody knows more about stars.

Every new S-Class Coupé is equipped with a panoramic roof as standard. It directly adjoins the windscreen and covers around two thirds of the roof area, creating a distinctive, exceptionally light look from the outside, while the inside is flooded with light and has a friendly, pleasant ambience. The optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL technology is the crowning glory of the panoramic roof. The large panoramic roof can change from dark to transparent or vice versa within a few seconds.