<p>An expression of strength.</p>

An expression of strength.

And splendour.




Cavansite Blue


Citrine Brown


Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic


Designo Diamont White Bright


Diamond Silver


Iridium Silver


Obsidian Black


Palladium Silver


Polar White


Tanorite Grey

image description

Its most alluring line is the family it comes from.

Sleek, sensuous and self-confident. What defines a Mercedes-Benz coupe
is not just its body but its soul. And among SUVs, nothing reveals true depth
of character with an unmatched breadth of capabilities like the Star in its
grille. From its aggressive stance to its muscular shape, the GLE Coupe
is a new breed of thoroughbred performance.

Inside and out, it's designed for big wheels.

Inside and out, it's designed for big wheels.

Four-door coupe design stretches the imagination and the GLE's very real comforts. Generous rear doors welcome three passengers into the widest rear seat in its class. Fold the split seatbacks down for up to 60.7 cu ft of carpeted luggage space, the most of any coupe in the world. The available Panorama roof brings in the sun and stars, too.

If you have an eye for design, all eyes will be on you.

The chiseled muscle, athletic poise and undeniable power of the GLE will draw admiring glances. Up close, the GLE proves that style can equal substance. Outside, there are numerous wheel designs and dramatic gloss black accents. The spacious cabin is exquisitely tailored from up to 11 upholstery options and six distinctive trim choices.

If you have an eye for design, all eyes will be on you.