<p>Class-leading efficiency in every output category</p>

Class-leading efficiency in every output category

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Unrivalled travel comfort, superior performance, trailblazing efficiency, exemplary safety – thanks to an overall technological concept which underscores the S-Class’s leadership credentials The S-Class sets standards here and in aerodynamics, aero acoustics and vibration/noise comfort too.

Engines – power and responsibility

The S-Class is so efficient that it almost sounds utopian. "The best or nothing" is the guiding principle in all of Mercedes-Benz's developments - the same applies for the petrol engine for the S-Class sedan. That is why our developers have designed engines that unleash the maximum power from every drop of petrol. The engines now work more efficiently are sparing with natural resources and go easy on the environment. And all of this with up to eight cylinders.

Engines – power and responsibility
The world's first suspension system with "eyes" play

The world's first suspension system with "eyes"

The S-Class sedan is the world's first car to be able to detect bumps on the road ahead. If the ROAD SURFACE SCAN detects such unevenness by means of the stereo camera, MAGIC BODY CONTROL sets up the suspension in advance to deal with the situation. Standard equipment for the S-Class sedan includes an enhanced version of the full air suspension system AIRMATIC with continuously adaptive damping control.

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Transmission, the language of the streets, re-translated

Harmony takes up the reins where there's no place for abrupt movements. So it is with the
S-Class: Its automatic transmission system changes gear imperceptibly, even when driving dynamically. Disturbing noises and vibrations are equally reduced to a minimum. And all with the
objective of conveying its passengers in total comfort to their destination.



4MATIC improves handling stability and traction on wet snowy or icy road surfaces thanks to maintenance of the same torque distribution of 45 : 55 at all times.