<p>The best parts of our imagination in a car.</p>

The best parts of our imagination in a car.

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Features that challenge your imagination. The C-Class Coupé offers you an immersive experience with state-of-the-art features like the stunning Burmester® surround sound system, digital networking, and ENERGIZING comfort control.

The Internet


Information at your COMAND

COMAND Online leaves nothing left to be desired when it comes to infotainment, navigation and communications. You will also have direct access to functions like navigation, telephone, audio, video, internet. With Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X Communication working together in perfect synchronization, you can avoid traffic, find the quickest routes and even identify possible danger.

Smartphone Integration

Music, Media and More

The connection happens the minute you step in to your car. Smartphone Integration connects your phone with Apple CarPlayTM or Android Auto. Use the media system, listen to your favourite music on Spotify and access all your favourite apps.

Visibility, Feel & Sound

Midline Soundsystem

Turn up the Sound

The sound system in the C-Class has been expertly designed to fill your car with the best quality of music. The nine speakers located around the body of the car are precisely configured for the vehicle interior and add the perfect rhythm to your drive.

Burmester® surround sound system

Sound second to none

The Burmester Surround System offers every music lover an undeniable experience with 13 speakers located around the car, offering 590W sound output. Set the overall sound pattern to suit your own personal preference and enjoy concert quality music in your C-Class.

Ambient lighting with 64 colours

A colour for every mood

64 different colours are what the C-Class has to offer. Start your drive on the perfect note with lighting for every occasion. Set the lights to match your current frame of mind and enjoy each moment of your drive.

ENERGIZING comfort control

Sit back, relax and drive on

ENERGIZING comfort control gives your car the most relaxing, calm and energizing atmosphere possible. The perfect combination of lighting, air conditioning and fragrancing, turn the C-Class into an oasis of well-being and elevates your drive.