We place particular emphasis on optimum environmental compatibility in product selection and the applied processes. A key focus is placed on the  efficient use of resources in this context.On an internal basis, we organise field testing and training courses for our staff and business partners as part of our contribution to environmental protection.

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Environmental protection is not a marketing exercise but a matter of great concern at
Mercedes-Benz. As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz bears a particular
responsibility, which we fully embrace.Today we offer 58 models that represent a
significantly reduced burden on the environment.

Long before it became front-page news, Mercedes-Benz has been innovating and
implementing new ways to help minimize the impact of cars and trucks on the world
we share. It's a promise that's been kept for generations, and not just with cleaner,
more efficient power under the hood. It starts well before a Mercedes-Benz travels
its first mile, and extends beyond its long and reliable lifespan. And like every aspect
of Mercedes-Benz innovation, it sets the stage for the mobility, and the world, everyone
will enjoy tomorrow.

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More responsive. More responsible. More than 20 models.

From the most affordable C-Class to racy AMG models, a new generation of power
is sweeping through Mercedes-Benz. Advanced new Direct Injection gasoline engines
operate with microscopic precision and millisecond-quick response. The result: stronger
performance from less fuel with fewer emissions. But BlueEFFICIENCY is more than an
engine. Countless systems, from power steering to tires and even side-mirror designs,
are meticulously refined to maximize efficient performance.

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Clear Commitment

For generations, Mercedes-Benz has been breaking new ground to help
preserve the earth for future generations. With the first 100-percent
CFC-free car, and the first low-emission SUV with award-winning factories
and processes and by helping to develop local infrastructures around the
world that will bring a greener tomorrow to life. It's a multi-faceted approach
to advance the quest for sustainable mobility while leading the way in safety,
luxury and performance.