Service Packages

Good service is priceless.
Good prices are fixed.

Transparent maintenance costs without surprises.

Service is important and necessary: Hence you should always have an exact overview of the offers and services available. As our valued Mercedes-Benz customer, you expect us to provide reliable maintenance and service for your vehicle at reasonable prices. This is precisely why we have created our Service Packages.

Through the Mercedes-Benz Service Packages, we cover all scheduled maintenance procedures and we make your service costs transparent. Depending on the package duration and mileage, there is a fixed price that covers all included services. This way, you can count on transparent maintenance costs and spare yourself unpleasant surprises. Which package is right for you depends entirely on your requirements:


icon_Select_n_RZ.jpg Mercedes-Benz Service Select covers all scheduled maintenance costs specified by the manufacturer, including filters, operational liquids, and labor.
icon_SelectPlus_n_RZ.jpg Mercedes-Benz Service Select Plus, in addition to the items included in the Mercedes-Benz Service Select, also covers most important wear-and-tear parts.


We have prepared different mileage and duration options for our Service Packages so that you can choose the terms that suit your needs best. Come and take advantage of of our best Service Package offer! 

Transparent costs. No surprises.

With our Service Packages you are always on the safe side.

  • Mercedes-Benz Service Select.
    icon_Select_n_RZ.jpg Mercedes-Benz Service Select. 
    Transparent and plannable maintenance costs.

    The Service Select Package gives you the chance to purchase the maintenance services your vehicle will need, over the chosen duration and mileage, at a convenient price.

    It covers the cost of parts, labor and operational fluids needed for the scheduled maintenance operations. You therefore receive clearly defined services with transparent costs. 

    Service Select

  • Mercedes-Benz Service Select Plus.
    icon_SelectPlus_n_RZ.jpg Mercedes-Benz Service Select Plus. 
    Convenient maintenance and selected wear-and-tear repairs.

    The Service Select Plus Package offers a higher level of cost security since, supplementary to the maintenance work, it includes the most important wear-and-tear parts:

    • brake pads and brake discs
    • windshield wiper blades
    • V-belt

    You can expect extensive service benefits with transparent costs on the one hand, and on the other hand, be assured that foreseeable repairs are already covered by a one-off payment.

    Service Select Plus


Your benefits at a glance.


Service Packages give you the opportunity to know exactly maintenance of your vehicle will cost over the next years.

  • Service history and complete maintenance are guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz for the next owner.
  • Included services were performed by properly trained Mercedes-Benz technicians.
  • Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are used.
icon_fixed_costs.jpg   Fixed costs  
You don’t have to worry about the impact of inflation on your maintenance costs since you have fixed what you pay in advance.