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AMG Performance Tour 2013: Power, thrill and speed with the best of Mercedes-AMG at YAS Marina Circuit

AMG Performance TourThe AMG Performance Tour participants experienced the thrill of driving on the world famous Formula 1 racing track testing the ‘Driving Performance’ of the latest AMG cars from the Mercedes-Benz‘s high performance division. With enough combined power to almost launch a rocket into space, the youngest ever fleet of Mercedes-AMG cars featured in the Performance Tour 2013 included: A 45 AMG, C 63 AMG 507 Edition (Coupé and Sedan), E 63 AMG S 4MATIC, CLS 63 AMG S 4MATIC, S 63 AMG, SL 63 AMG, SLS AMG GT and the SLS AMG Black Series.

Speaking at the AMG Performance Tour, Dirk Fetzer, Director Sales and Marketing at Daimler Middle East & Levant said: “The concept of time is certainly challenged once you’re in a Mercedes-AMG car – it’s almost like launching into another dimension. I am sure this is precisely what the engineers at Affalterbach have in mind when designing these incredible vehicles. Each car we have included in the Performance Tour this year has earned its place with a remarkable backstory, design and technical specifications that make each and every machine truly epic.”

Unlike the AMG Driving Academy, which teaches AMG vehicle owners how to optimally drive their cars, the AMG Performance Tour presents the latest Mercedes-AMG vehicles to customers and AMG enthusiasts from across the region, as well as members of the media. Since this year’s range of cars is the youngest ever, the Performance Tour attracted a great deal of interest from the Mercedes-Benz guests that were eager to learn about them and test the limits of each car.

Held annually, the 2013 AMG Performance Tour included a series of events to allow the partcipants to truly experience the ‘Driving Performance’ of the cars. The day kicked off with a brief introduction on each vehicle, instruction on how to bring the best from both driver and machine, and culminated in some actual drag racing pitting man against man, machine against machine in a true showcase of lightning reactions and raw horsepower.

“The Middle East has a very distinctive relationship with the Mercedes-AMG brand and the region has recorded some impressive figures to back this claim. With a growth rate of more than 30% percent compared to 2012, currently the Middle East has the highest percentage worldwide in AMG’s sold versus Mercedes-Benz, standing at a 9.1 percent share over all our markets – Dubai on its own has an outstanding share of 13.8 percent. This makes the Middle East the fifth biggest market worldwide for AMG cars behind USA, Germany, UK and Japan as of the end of November,” added Fetzer.

The Middle East has the broadest line-up of AMG vehicles, with 18 different models from the compact A 45 AMG, to the sedans, coupes, SUV’s and Roadsters – and this does not take into account all the different variants like the new S models, the Editions, the 4matics and the Black Series.

The impressive Mercedes-AMG portfolio is also expected to grow further as new inspirations for AMG models continue to drive the team at Affalterbach. Advanced technology from the impressive SLS AMG is filtering through to the entire Mercedes-AMG range as production of this model comes to a finale in May 2014. Regarded as the ultimate muse for Mercedes-AMG design and specification, key technologies from the furious SLS AMG will be in most future models.

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