<p>Open for storms of enthusiasm.</p>

Open for storms of enthusiasm.

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AIRSCARF: open for every comfort.

Open-top driving in all seasons and almost all kinds of weather: the comfortable, intelligent solutions offered by the new SLC make it possible. The optional AIRSCARF neck-level heating developed by Mercedes-Benz extends the open-air season by wrapping an invisible scarf around the shoulders and neck of the driver and passenger. The desired temperature can be adjusted in three levels.

The LED Intelligent Light System.

The LED Intelligent Light System.

Not only does the new-generation SLC look good – you also see better with it. Because the low-beam headlamps of the standard LED intelligent Light System automatically adapt to the weather, lighting and driving conditions – for better vision on rural roads and motorways, when cornering and on bends. The clearly defined contours and high- quality detailing with a three-dimensional design ensure that the vehicle also has an unmistakable front view in the daytime too. Nice gesture: when you unlock your SLC it welcomes you with an extraordinary light show.

The boot separator: uninterrupted comfort and cabriolet pleasure.

A particularly comfortable innovation in the SLC is the partially automatic boot separator. If the separator is in the upper position (for greater boot space with the roof closed), it automatically moves to the lower position electrically. If the roof is opened, it automatically moves down making manual closing no longer necessary. The system operates safely. If there are obstacles or if there is a lack of space due to luggage the process is autonomously stopped and the driver is warned.

The boot separator:  uninterrupted comfort and cabriolet pleasure.
Sporty engine sound – matching the sound to your drive mode.

Sporty engine sound – matching the sound to your drive mode.

The equipment for the sporty engine sound generates an excitingly sporty engine sound in the vehicle interior based on the selected drive mode and engine parameters, such as engine speed, load and road speed. As such, the driver can experience an authentic sports car sound via the sound system without causing unnecessarily loud exterior noises. Conversely, the engine noise remains subtly in the background when a comfortable mode (ECO, Comfort) is selected via DYNAMIC SELECT. The sporty engine sound can be switched off if desired.