<p><span>Sporty and luxurious.<br /><br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /></span></p>

Sporty and luxurious.

Equipment packages

Cabriolet Comfort Package.

The combination of two innovative systems extends the open-top season to the whole year round: The AIRSCARF neck-level heating enables open-top motoring to be enjoyed at low temperatures, too. Warm air issuing from outlets in the head restraints is 'wrapped' around the necks of the driver and front passenger like an invisible scarf. AIRCAP reduces turbulence in the interior of the vehicle, also for the rear passengers. When the AIRCAP switch is pressed, a wind louvre on the windscreen automatically pops up and the draught-stop between the rear head restraints is extended upwards. This enlarges the curvature of the airflow over the passenger compartment. Air swirls and noise level can thus be reduced appreciably. 

Lane Tracking Package.

Combining two intelligent driver assistance systems, Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist, the Lane Tracking package helps you stay safe on the road and takes some of the effort out of driving. It not only prevents you veering out of your lane unintentionally, but also warns you against changing lanes when it's dangerous to do so.

Driving Assistance Package.

This package brings together some of our most advanced safety systems to help you avoid accidents and enjoy a more relaxing driving experience. These intelligent technologies not only warn you of impending danger, but also actively intervene if required. Semi-automated driving on motorways, country roads and even in town, autonomous braking in critical situations when needed, and active support during evasive manoeuvres – these are just some of the functions of the Driving Assistance package. The aim: more comfort and less stress by relieving the driver's workload, thereby improving safety for all road users.

Audio & Comfort

COMAND Online.

The COMAND Online leaves virtually nothing to be desired in terms of infotainment, navigation and communication. The information is shown on a 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) high-resolution media display. And the hard-disc navigation guides you rapidly to your destination information. Comprehensive smartphone connectivity also facilitates convenient access to lots of your personal data.

Burmester® sound system.

The high-end 3D surround sound system from Burmester®: 23 specially designed speakers, 25 amplifier channels with a system output of up to 1450 watts, as well as technologies developed exclusively for the car, ensure an extraordinarily expressive and thrilling 3D sound – the Burmester® “feel-good sound”.


The vehicle interior can be fragranced to suit personal preference with the AIR-BALANCE package. Depending on personal preference and mood, there is a choice between various, high-grade fragrances. The package contents include the DAYBREAK MOOD fragrance, which was developed exclusively for the E-Class CabrioletIn addition, the air quality can be improved by ionisation and by optimised filtering of the incoming and recirculating air.

Multicontour front seats.

The multicontour seats with massage function ensure the best possible seating comfort by means of inflatable air chambers. The driver and front passenger can adjust their seats individually to their own particular physique. This also includes 4-way lumbar support.