<p>Heaven just above the Earth.</p>

Heaven just above the Earth.

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Welcome to the world of modern luxury. A choice of three leather interiors in combination with a host of trim features in hand-crafted quality make the touch and feel inside a journey of discovery in its own right. The gently sweeping dashboard appears to hover in space and conjures up an exclusive, modern lounge character. Seven different light moods serve to complement this interior feel. Climb aboard and enter a whole new world.


Driving Assistance package Plus. Dangers minus.

An optional equipment package consisting of safety and assistance systems that complement each other perfectly: it helps take the strain off the driver, reduce accident risks and improve the level of protection for the occupants and other road users. Brake Assist BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist and PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian Detection can reduce the risk of accidents at junctions, rear-end collisions and collisions with pedestrians, particularly in urban traffic. Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist provide assistance if the vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally or during lane changes if there is a danger of collision with other vehicles.


Genuine Swarovski crystals can optionally be incorporated into the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light System to create a new and unusual day and night design. The crystals’ fascinating play of light in the turn indicators and daytime running lamps provides striking visual highlights and emphasizes the unique nature of the vehicle. The turn indicator with 30 crystals underscores the eye-catching lines of the headlamps. 17 crystals shine resplendent in the daytime running lamp immediately below this.


In the mood.

The vehicle interior can be subtly fragranced to suit personal preference with the optional AIR-BALANCE package, which consists of a fragrance generator located in the glove compartment, a glass flacon and a dispenser. Four high-end room fragrances are available to choose from: NIGHTLIFE MOOD, DOWNTOWN MOOD, SPORTS MOOD, FREESIDE MOOD – plus an additional flacon which the driver can fill with the scent of their choice. The intensity and duration of perfume atomization are adjustable. The fragrance is discreet, given off gently and is rapidly dissipated after switching off.

Comfort that runs all the way down your back like a warm shower.

Every trip in the new S-Class Coupé is like spending time in a spa resort. Especially with the optional Seat Comfort package including the active multicenter seats with ENERGIZING massage function and dynamic function for the driver and front passenger. When on the move, the side bolsters automatically and dynamically adapt to vehicle movements to provide even better lateral support on winding roads and when driving sportily.

Genuine accessories.

The new S-Class Coupé leaves hardly anything to be desired. And for those extra special needs there are genuine accessories. These cover almost every conceivable need for more pleasant, practical and individual motoring. The diverse range of items all correspond to a common standard: every accessory has been developed specifically for the new S-Class Coupé in accordance with Mercedes-Benz’s high quality standards.


The sheer beauty of sound.

It’s almost impossible to describe this sound. A total of 24 loudspeakers and an output of 1520 watts transform the interior into an acoustic wonderland. The active woofer alone has an output of 400 watts. The optional Burmester® High-End 3D surround sound system is just as astonishing when it is switched off, however, since the immaculate design of the loudspeakers makes them miniature works of art. Allowing yourself to be completely swept away by this sound is perhaps one of the very few reasons for not wanting to drive the new S-Class Coupé yourself.