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T. Gargour & Fils Co.


Company Overview

T. Gargour & Fils Co. (TGF) is the exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Jordan. TGF introduced Mercedes-Benz imports to the region in 1952, and has enjoyed a close and fruitful relationship with Daimler (the company that manufactures Mercedes-Benz vehicles) ever since.

TGF is driven by its desire to lead the region’s automotive industry in offering the highest quality vehicles on the market. The superb design and production values of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, coupled with the exceptional service, expertise and reputation of TGF, have made Mercedes-Benz the ultimate symbol of success in the Kingdom.

The convenience of TGF’s service facilities offers further appeal and benefits for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts in Jordan. The company’s service facilities are equipped with advanced, fully-computerized diagnostics equipment and staffed by a team of well trained individuals, ensuring that TGF customers receive world-class service in line with the Mercedes-Benz legacy.

Staff members and vehicle technicians are prepared for duty at TGF’s Daimler-certified training centre, considered among the most modern in the world and one of only two in the Middle East. The 800-square-meter facility provides over 55 training courses per year with a curriculum designed according to the high standards set by Daimler. The classrooms enjoys a direct telecommunications link to Daimler’s global training site in Germany, allowing course participants to attend live-transmitted seminars from the world’s top Mercedes-Benz experts.

Further elevating the Mercedes-Benz ownership experience, TGF inaugurated its flagship Auto Centre - the largest in Jordan - on King Abdullah II Street in 2011. The state-of-the-art facility combines auto sales, maintenance and spare parts procurement in a single location in West Amman. The centre showcases over 50 new vehicles and has the capacity to service up to 40 vehicles at a time. Additionally, the auto centre boasts a pre-owned cars section, where every vehicle has met the proven exclusivity standards. The energy-efficient ‘smart’ building also boasts a Mercedes-Benz store with car accessories and collectables, along with two cafés that serve beverages to visitors.

TGF’s mission is to provide leadership in the automotive industry based on superb quality, superior value and a committed customer focus. TGF draws its strength from its clear-cut business strategies and its commitment to providing the most discerning quality of customer experience.