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More comfortable and even safer.

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As the sixth variant of the current S-Class, the new S-Class Cabriolet is a member of the world's largest luxury model family. Its closest relative is the S-Class Coupé, from which the Cabriolet adopts around 60 percent of its bodyshell components. A completely new feature is the rear floor, produced in aluminium for the first time. This raises the share of this lightweight metal in terms of surface area to over 50 percent in the overall intelligent mix of materials.


Enhanced climate comfort.

The automatic climate control system with 2 climate zones provides an individual feel-good climate on board. In addition, three climate modes, including temperature of the front footwells are individually selectable for the left and right front seat, are available to adapt the character of the airflow to the personal preferences. THERMOTRONIC automatically maintains the desired climate in each of the zones. 12 Sensors monitor e.g. roof status, inside and outside temperature, sunlight, air quality, humidity and dew point. Climate is controlled fully automatically. This means the driver does not need to select a mode for closed or open top, nor is it necessary to save a temperature setting for these driving conditions.

The luxury resort in your digital world.

Information is shown on a stunningly high-resolution 31.2 cm colour display screen. The ideal complement to this system is the head-up display, which projects important information as a virtual image directly into the driver’s line of sight. The display is perceived by the driver as floating above the bonnet about two metres away.

Music to the eyes.

The sound is almost indescribable. A total of 23 speakers with an output of 1520 watts transform the interior into an acoustic dream. The bass speaker lone has an output of more than 400 watts. However, the optional Burmester® high-End 3D surround sound system is just as amazing when it’s switched off. The speakers are designed like miniature works of art and feature an exceptionally high-quality finish.

Catalogue of Quality


A new and exceptional day and night design is created if so desired by the inclusion of fine Swarovski crystals in the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light System. The fascinating play of light created by the crystals in the turn indicators and daytime running lamps provides striking visual highlights and accentuates the unique nature of the vehicle. The turn signal indicator with 30 crystals underscores the striking lines of the headlamps. 17 crystals shine resplendent in the daytime running lamps immediately below.

Trailblazing technology. A finger on the pulse.

In order to ensure that all these new technologies and functions really do add value, we have devised a new control concept. In addition to the COMAND Controller and the voice-operated control system LINGUATRONIC, the S-Class Cabriolet is also fitted with a touchpad, which allows intuitive, almost playful, control of numerous telematics services. As with a smartphone, it is possible to navigate around the menu with single or multi-fingered gestures. The system will even recognise your handwriting. 

In the mood.

The interior of the vehicle can be given a subtle and individual fragrance with the help of the AIR-BALANCE package. This consists of a fragrance generator located in the glove compartment, a glass flacon and an atomiser head. Four high-quality fragrances are available: NIGHTLIFE MOOD, DOWNTOWN MOOD, SPORTS MOOD, FREESIDE MOOD – plus an additional PACIFIC MOOD fragrance developed specifically for the S-Class Cabriolet.