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Terms of Use.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

We are always looking to develop new, fascinating and innovative Mercedes me connect services for you and your vehicle with the aim of making use of your vehicle and everyday motoring more straightforward and convenient. New services will be available to you in many current vehicle models from 03.12.2018. The amended passages of the Terms of Use are underlined. The amendments to the Terms of Use do not result in any additional costs for you.

 Please read the new Terms of Use carefully. You are entitled to file an objection to the Mercedes me connect Terms of Use up to and including 02.12.2018. Your objection should be submitted to the contact address provided in section 15 of the General Terms and Conditions. The new Terms of Use will take effect for continued use of the Mercedes me connect services after 02.12.2018.

 We look forward to continuing to provide you with our Mercedes me connect services. This will only be possible if you do not file an objection to the updated Terms of Use, however, as we can only provide our services to all our customers according to the same amended Terms of Use. Should you file an objection, we will therefore be compelled to deactivate the services. In this case, your customer account will nevertheless continue to exist.


Please find attached the new version of the Terms of Use which will apply as of 03.12.2018:


Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect Services


Contribution to Product Improvement



 In future, we will gladly send you the Terms of Use by email. Please therefore fill in your email address under “Menu”, “My Data” on the Mercedes me portal.

 Should you have any questions about Mercedes me connect or need support in setting up your Mercedes me connect services, please contact our Customer Assistance Centre at [email protected] or on telephone number 800 66 323.

 We hope you will continue to enjoy using your Mercedes me connect services.


 Kind regards

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