Expert Repair

Your Partner for Body and Paint.

Whether it’s a minor scratch or a major collision, our Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair program combines a smart range of services to bring your car back to its original condition – quickly, professionally, and at an affordable cost.

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Drawing on years of expertise, we are able to restore the original level of safety as well as the technological and visual appeal of your Mercedes. This not only helps preserve your car’s value, but also ensures that the warranty on your Mercedes is maintained well into the future.

So why should you choose a Mercedes-Benz Authorized Workshop?

  • Our Authorized Workshops meet the stringent technical standards as set by Mercedes-Benz Germany.
  • We use specific equipment designed to repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles correctly.
  • Our Authorized Workshop technicians receive in-depth training by the Mercedes-Benz head office.
  • We use the repair methods specified by the Mercedes-Benz production plants.
  • The various safety systems of your vehicle will function as originally designed to protect the driver, occupants and other road users.
  • We only use Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.
  • Your vehicle warranty is maintained.
  • We are specialized in repairing only Mercedes-Benz cars.
  • Body Repairs

    State-of-the-art solutions. 

    You can count on Mercedes-Benz collision repair as it is our top priority to restore full protection for all occupants.

    Our highly trained repair experts evaluate each case individually to determine the optimum repair process. Furthermore, they understand the design principles of your car's body structure and they ensure, for instance, that the correct joining techniques are used in the event of a major repair. This makes it possible to repair even complex damage cases, carefully and reliably.

    If your vehicle requires body repair work done as part of an insurance claim, insist on the work being completed by a Mercedes-Benz Authorized Workshop to guarantee that your car is returned to its original condition.

    Body Repair
  • Paint Repairs

    Paint: more than good looks. 

    Paint provides much more than stylish gloss and color – it keeps your Mercedes protected from the elements, which helps maintain a strong body and maximizes your car’s service life.

    Our Mercedes-Benz Authorized Workshops use state-of-the-art paint systems developed by our long-standing partners in the vehicle paint industry. These systems have been thoroughly tested and approved for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and comply with all our quality standards.

    Our paint partners also offer a high level of support to our Authorized Workshops: from paint damage diagnosis and product advice, to user and materials training.

    Paint Repair
  • SmallRepair

    Combat the traces of everyday wear. 

    Even expert motorists make unpleasant acquaintances from time to time: stone chips, shopping carts, or someone else’s bumper. Our SmallRepair specialists make sure that minor damages are repaired efficiently and professionally – with the greatest care and cutting-edge procedures. Many imperfections can be repaired without having to replace or repaint whole components. So you save costs, while keeping your car in the best hands.

    SmallRepair includes:

    • Paint: An intact coat of paint not only looks great, it also protects the body from rust. Paint repairs are an excellent, cost-effective way to refurbish smaller areas. Color and shine are restored – the paint is as protective and gorgeous as before.
    • Dents: Minor dents can be removed from body panels without having to paint them. The dent is carefully processed from the inner side of the panel, resulting in a smooth surface with the original paintwork.
    • Plastic: Stone chips, cuts and scratches can often be filled in, avoiding costly replacements. With our innovative repair technology, we retain the perfect look of your Mercedes – and its resale value – easily and conveniently.