<p>Mercedes me connect.</p>

Mercedes me connect.

Just the beginning.


Introducing Mercedes me connect.


Always connected.

I don’t need total control over my car.” Said no one, ever.
Become part of an intelligently connected world with direct access to your vehicle at your fingertips at all times with Mercedes me connect. Always one step ahead. And this is just the beginning. Get in contact with your local dealer to activate your services today

The Beginning

Remote Engine Start.

Keep tabs on your vehicle at all times. With the Remote Online services you can conveniently call up all of your Mercedes’ key functions on your smartphone at any time. Whether you wish to change settings, call up vehicle information such as tank fill level, tyre pressure or the state of the brakes, use the Geofencing function or lock/ unlock your car, you literally have your Mercedes at your fingertips at all times.

Remote Parking Assist.

Magic trick? No. Parking at the push of a button? Yes. Just watch your Mercedes glide in and out of parking spaces with Mercedes me connect's Remote Parking Pilot feature. Everything under control, all the time

The Beginning
The Beginning

Standard services.

Always one step ahead. The Mercedes me connect Standard Services take the strain out of various aspects of motoring – vehicle diagnostics, breakdowns or accidents, for example. To this end, relevant vehicle data are transmitted as required and further measures are initiated as necessary. This might mean calling your service partner to book your next service appointment, or summoning rapid help from roadside assistance or emergency services. The available services include Maintenance Management, Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system.

Mercedes-Benz emergency call system.

Your vital safety net. When an airbag is deployed in an accident, crash sensors in the vehicle trigger an emergency call automatically. Your vehicle’s communication module automatically connects you with the Mercedes-Benz emergency response centre. As it does so, the system passes on your precise position and the number of occupants in the vehicle, as well as information about the condition of your vehicle. In an emergency, the emergency call data are relayed immediately to a public UAE emergency response centre so that the necessary rescue measures can be initiated as quickly as possible.

The Beginning



Mercedes me is only available in the UAE*