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Emirates Motor Company Announces Collaboration with Elba House of Jordan to Build Luxury Coaches for Mercedes - Benz OC 500 RF Chassis

Oct-04 Emirates Motor Company Announces Collaboration with Elba House of Jordan

Emirates Motor Company (EMC), the Mercedes-Benz authorised distributor in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the flagship company of Al Fahim Group, is partnering with Jordan’s Elba House, the pioneer automotive bus builder in the Middle East, to build custom-designed coaches for Mercedes-Benz’s OC 500 RF 1842-fitted vehicles.

OC 500 RF 1842 is a bus chassis model from Mercedes-Benz reputed for its efficient engine, exceptional safety systems, ride quality and stability in every driving condition.

The first bus manufactured under the new collaboration was dispatched from Amman to Abu Dhabi and was handed over to EMC on 16 August, 2016.

Bilal Al Ribi, the General Manager of Daimler Commercial Vehicles of EMC, said: “Our partnership with Elba House will ensure that EMC is consistently able to provide local fleet operators with best-in-class buses and coaches to meet the growing demand in this segment. Mercedes-Benz buses have long set benchmarks for safety, quality and future-proof technologies. We are confident that our synergies with Elba House will give us a decisive edge over our competitors.”

Ricardo Khoury the Chairman and CEO of Elba House, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with EMC to provide its clients with tailor-made transport solutions that ensure optimized performance and maximum passenger comfort. In meeting the stringent quality standards of the renowned Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, we will rely on our experience of over two decades in the commercial body building field to manufacture coaches that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.”

Mercedes‑Benz buses and coaches are among the most recognized automotive brands worldwide and offer practical and advanced solutions to meet future challenges - always ensuring that its clients remain one step ahead of the competition. The company, which built the first-ever bus back in 1895, offers economically-efficient, environmentally-friendly and innovative vehicles, tailored to the dynamic requirements of its highly discerning clients.