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EMC wins SKEA Gold Award

EMC wins SKEA Gold AwardChairman of the Higher Committee of SKEA and Chairman of Al Fahim Group, His Excellency (HE) Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, delivered an inspiring keynote at the ceremony stating, “It is of my great honor to address you today in our annual celebration for quality and corporate excellence as we complete our program this year: Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award: Twelve years of Sustainable Excellence.

“Without the unlimited support and encouragement of the wise leadership for this important national project, the accomplishments of the award program, which exceeded the borders of the country towards the world, would not have been achieved, especially that the award program has become a local and regional representative to the most important international organizations for quality and excellence such as the European Foundation for Quality management (EFQM) and the British Royal Institute, to name a few.”

Mr. Al Fahim also mentioned that the program is not an award companies try to receive, but it is an integrated program with a core value to develop the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE by creating distinguished assessors and nationals in their skills, knowledge and behavior; thereby, creating distinguished public and private establishments in their efficiency, affectivity and capability.

“First and foremost, I would like to congratulate each and every employee in EMC and within shared services; this award recognizes the progress we have made in establishing EMC as the leading distributor in the UAE. It is an outstanding achievement, with the project of submission, being led by EMC’s GM, Kamal, who did an excellent job of pulling the report together and ensuring we met all nine criteria of the EFQM excellence model. Through spirited teamwork and pioneering determination, we put our minds to work and every year took one step closer to the excellence this award recognizes,” commented Mr. Christopher Preston, CEO of Al Fahim Group Automotive. “Today we celebrate this collaborative effort by receiving this distinguished and internationally recognized award; thank you and we look forward to new accomplishments proving we have unlimited commitment to service excellence.”

Furthermore, receiving the award on behalf of Emirates Motor Company, Mr. Kamal Rafih, General Manager of EMC, praised, “I take this opportunity to thank Al Fahim Group’s SKEA team of EMC and the shared service department managers who worked hard in preparing for the submission with EMC. It is a great recognition for us as a company which embraces the excellence model in its operations and procedures whereby seeking further improvements on all fronts.”

In his closing remarks, Mr. Rafih commented, “I am proud to dedicate this award to our employees, and, on their behalf to EMC’s customers and the Chairman of Al Fahim Group, Mr. Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim and the Al Fahim family. This special moment became a reality through their guidance, love, care, and support.”