<p>Every ray of sunshine is like a spotlight.</p>

Every ray of sunshine is like a spotlight.

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If the road is a stage, the GLA is a true character actor. With its striking front end, it exudes a self-assured presence. But the GLA is not just a cross-over; it is first and foremost a Mercedes, as indicated by the centrally positioned star in the radiator grille and the so-called “dropping line”. This is the design line which extends from the headlamps along the sides to the rear axle, creating an impression of fluid dynamism even when the vehicle is stationary. No wonder the GLA looks so pleased with itself.

Cirrus White


Cosmos Black


Jupiter Red


Mountain Grey


Night Black


Northern Lights Violet


Orient Brown


Polar Silver


South Seas Blue


Universe Blue

Fits in anywhere, stands out everywhere.

Fits in anywhere, stands out everywhere.

Tell-tale signs of the GLA’s adventurous spirit are to be found wherever you look. The structured bonnet with powerdomes and the radiator grille with two fins lend the front a particularly wide appearance. The bumper features criss-cross grating. And underneath the bumper is the typical SUV-style simulated underguard, which may be in silver, dark chrome or high-gloss black, for example, according to the selected equipment line and design package. Highlights at the rear are the chrome strip between the lights, the roof spoiler and the optional robust load sill guard.

The more you get into it, the more you'll get out of it.

The interior of the GLA holds a number of surprises in store, with a spacious feeling for a compact car. Particularly in conjunction with the optional panoramic sliding sunroof. And, even as a cross-over, it offers the comfort and class of a traditional saloon. In all, an ideal setting in which to enjoy your new-found freedom.

The more you get into it, the more you'll get out of it.
The Load Compartment package.

The Load Compartment package.

Net pockets on the left and right and a folding box are optionally available to keep things tidy in the load compartment. The backrests of the rear bench seat can be positioned at a 15° steeper angle – the so-called cargo position. In this way, the load compartment capacity can be increased by 60 liters, from 421 to 481 liters.